Solar Flat Plate Collector

Millionsun solar flat plate collector can be used in both closed and open circulation systems.The collector is designed to connect to multiple collectors easily, to make up a large collector field, it also can be used in different solar system.
Featuring optimal and reasonable structures, fine appearance and easy instal lation, our products are wel l combined with bui ldings and applicable to household and scaled systems.
Millionsun's solar flat plate collectors are manufactured according to European quality standards. laser and ultrasonic welding technology, flat collector get Solar Keymark, SRCC, CSA, Watermark and CE certificate


  Dimension(LxWxH) (mm) 1.0M2---1000 X 1000 X 80mm (or 95mm)
2.0M2---1000 X 2000 X 80mm (or 95mm)
2.5M2---1250 X 2000 X 80mm (or 95mm)
3.0M2---1500 X 2000 X 80mm (or 95mm)
  Transparent cover 
  Cover material Low-iron patterned Tempered glass   Transmission:>92%
  Cover thickness (mm) 3.2mm
  Absoreber base Material Copper sheet  /  Aluminium sheet
  Surface treatment Blue coating  /  Black chrome coating
  Welding  Ultrasonic welding  /  Laser welding  
  Header copper tube diameter Ø22  /  Ø25  mm
  Header copper tube thickness 0.8  / 0.6 mm 
  Riser copper tube diameter Ø15  /  Ø10  /  Ø9  mm
  Riser copper tube thickness 0.6  / 0.5 /0.45 mm 
  Riser copper  tube quantity 12pcs/10pcs/8pcs/7pcs
  Thermal insulation 
  Insulation material 24K glass wool insulation (back)
40k glass wool (side)
  Frame Aluminium 
  Frame Color Brown or Sliver
  Back Plate 0.5mm Aluminium sheet
  Glass sealing material  EPDM

Millionsun soalr flat collector Series

>>> blue collector Brochure

>>> black collector Brochure


Warranty Details: 10 years warranty for collectors


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