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Established from 2006 year, Millionsun Group develop quickly through supplying high-quality goods with competitive price. We are now the excellent OEM and ODM partners for our partners,many client sign agent agreement with milliosun group and sell millionsun brand product in their local market. we hope to establish our brand famous in the world.

Millionsun group factory area 50000m2, we have solar flat collector manufacture line, water tank manufacture line, bracket manufacture line, R&D Center and test center, 1600 workers. Our factory have ISO9001 certificate, our product get CE, SOLAR KEYMARK, SRCC, CSA, WATER MARK,AS certificate.

We now establish Australia center, Germany center , USA center and Africa center to serve for customers step by step. And we also now establish local agents in different local market to operate Milionsun brand through different business cooperation. We hope to be not only China Company, but also worldwide company and every partners can work together to be strength group and share the profit together on this brand base.

Not only manufacture center for high-quality and competitive price, we also hope to be service center include design center, technical center, support center, etc to supply additional value service and decrease total cost for all partners from worldwide . Hope partners from the world can work together with us and to be one of Millionsun group to operate and share together.

Through all ways like one of our staff, part-time job, partners, agents, distributors, cooperators and joint ventures, we can develop the right and beneficial way for both of us.

With Economic crisis pressure and market changed deeply, this is also great opportunity for us to work with all partners with new business way to make new business profit and chance. Hope we can work deeply together to catch the future.

Win-win; better, more excellent; long-term cooperation, resistant, etc.

Only do with your way and your dream.





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