• Millionsun Solar Water System

    Begin to export from 2005 year for solar water heater,Millionsun has more than 10 years manufacture experience to design and make right solar water heater and all fitting for world market. With OEM firstly for many big brands in world market from 2005 year,we now also design and promote our...

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  • Millionsun Solar Heating Solution Provider

    Millionsun begin to design and make solar air collector from 2007 for customer. With more requirments and deep cooperation,we extend our design and service to manufacture more solar air heating and solar dryer products to fit for more application...

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  • Micro CSP( Micro concentrated solar power)

    Micro CSP ( Micro concentrated solar power )is new solar thermal technology to use mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a small area.we now use mainly parabolic trough consists of linear parabolic reflector....

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