All in one heat pump water heater

All-in-one series heat pump water heater is specially designed for the residential hot water use. It can be invited wherever in your room and fused with furnlture completely because of its elegent apperance.

Domestic split heat pump water heater 

This series of Domestic Air/Water Heat Pump adopts high efficiency tube- in- shell heat exchanger and built in water pump inside the heat pump, which ensures not only high efficient performance of the system but also easy installation. Different from other ordinary Domestic Split System in installation, just simply connection the heat pump to the water tank by water piping, refrigerant pipe connection is not needed. The water tank connection with this heat pump does not have copper coil heat exchanger inside. which saves the cost of water tank.

1. Built- in highly efficient tube- in- shell heat exchanger and WILO water pump.
2. Compact design, more easy for installation, less space taken
3. With thermal insulation for all pipes, low heat loss.
4. High efficiency auto defrosting with revert circuit.
5. The wire controller is installed indoor, convenient for users.
6. Adopting paint steel cabinet, anticorrosion and durable.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump 

millionsun swimming pool heat pump is a smart and reliable solution to heat the pool and spa. With most of the energy absorbed from the air, pool heat pumps can heat the pool and spa all year round with much less cost. Running at low cost without CO2 discharging, people can enjoy swimming or spa at pleasant water temperature all over the year.  
Not just quieter and easier operation beyond your imagination, Millionsun swimming pool heat pumps also ensure constant and reliable pool water temperature for cooling/heating on every commercial occasions.
>>> R410A refrigerant, environmentally friendly.
>>> Higher water temperature output up to 40ºC.
>>> Titanium heat ex-changer, corrosion resistance.
>>> High pressure protection.
>>> Defrost automatically.
>>> With MODBUS communication.
>>> Full automatically operation.

Millionsun Commercial air source heat pump 

Millionsun Commercial air source heat pump is designed for offering hot water for commercial use. such as office. workshop. supermarket. school. and order to achieve the required water temperature. large heat pump units that apply Unique“V” style evaporator design in a big strongpoint for this increases the evaporator space in air flow direction. which resulte in bigger effectiveair had been proved to be better efficiency by our testing. This design is also easier for the defrosting water to drain out. Scroll compressor with R410a/R22/R407c refrigerant is standard for this commercial air source heat is helpful to get better performance in low temperature.
Famous America Copeland Compressor;
American tube in shell high efficiency heat exchanger;
Powder coated cabinet is attractive and economical;
Emerson expansion valve is used to make the units have
accurate and stable function;
Saving cost as high as 60% ~ 80% compared with oil boiler, gas
boiler, coal boiler, electricity water heater etc.

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