Solar water storage Tank

Millionsun has a solar storage tank workshop to produce pressurized and unpressurized tank according to different demand. Corrosion and hard water is a challenge to tank, especially pressurized tank, we already have good solution. Stable product had exported to Europe and Africa. Besides good price performance ratio is also advantage for us.




- Attractive coating appearance 
- Inner tank with stainless steel SUS316 or SUS304
- Tank volum from 100L to 5000L
- Temperature and pressure relief valve Protect
- Electric booster inside as alternative heating element.
- Easy matching to residential solar systems
- Automatic temperature control. 
- Directly foamed up polyurethane insulation to reserve heat .
- Easy assemble
- High quality and long life by optimal corrosion protection
- Isolated tank design for better heat retention
- Have a long service life
- Easy installation
- Automatic temperature control
- Details of the Product and quality is important for us.

Millionsun soalr water tank Series

>>> Tank - A/B Brochure
>>> Tank - E  Brochure

Warranty Details: 5 years warranty for tank

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